Features of New Iraqi Dinar Notes

After witnessing tremendous changes, the new Iraqi Dinar notes are finally out for you to conduct transaction and trade with. The new notes are said to have six denominations, which are all printed in England by De La Rue. This company is renowned for having introduced the Swiss Dinars earlier, before Saddam Hussein used his own. Moreover, the new notes are said to have been printed with a lot of security features that cannot be counterfeited. Now you can buy and sell Iraqi Dinar without the fear of any scam, although it is advised to get them double checked with a proper bank.

The changes made in the Dinars involve introduction of variable currency notes of 50, 250, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 25,000. The new dinars are made with historical images that display peace and harmony among the Iraqi citizens. If you’re out to purchase or exchange new Iraqi Dinars, here’s how to check if they’re valid and not fake.

.50 Dinar Note

The front side of this note displays an image of the grain storage at Basra and the rear one has the impression of date palms, which tells that Iraq is the largest producer and exporter of dates.

.1,000 Dinar Note

According to latest Iraqi Dinar News, the note of 1,000 bears an image of gold Islamic Dinar coin which dates back to first century AD and was made in Damascus. Similarly, the back side shows the famous university in Baghdad, the Al-Mustansirya.

.250 Dinar Note

The new note of 250 dinar shows the famous astrolabe at the front side which was used pretty much by the astronomers for several researches of day and night along with other similar experiments. Spiral Minaret is shown on the backside which was the capital city of Abbasid’s empire.

.5,000 Dinar Note

Gully Ali Beg and its 2500 feet waterfall is displayed on the front side of this note along with desert fortress of Al-Ukhether, Hejira on the back.

.10,000 Dinar Note

The picture of most famous scholar Abu Ali Hasan Ibn Al-Haitham is shown at the front of this note and the rear side has the image of the famous Hadba Minaret which is located at the great Nudrid Masjid.

.25,000 Dinar Note

Finally comes, the Iraqi Dinar news on the new note of 25,000, which shows a Kurdish female farmer holding a sheaf to cut the wheat. The backside displays an ancient code, which was written by King Hammurabi when he founded the first Dynasty of Babylon.

With the expected increase in the currency value, these notes are worth an investment.

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CBI Under Strict Interrogation By The State

For a country that has just relaxed a bit after being ruled by dictatorship for almost a decade, the stability in its currency is commendable. There would be no harm in saying that it is the whole new Iraqi Dinar as it has revived after seeing so much war and destruction.

A few months back, on a very short notice the Central Bank Of Iraq scrambled to disrupt the Dinar when the Iraqi Dinar was observed strengthening amazingly against the USD. This act of the Central Bank Of Iraq is still under question. After all, Iraq is the world’s second largest oil holder.

According to the current news on Iraqi Dinar, in the local exchange market, the price of the U.S dollars hits 1270 Dinars, to the dollar in comparison to 1220 Dinars; while on the other, hand Iraqi Dinar sets a declination mark. CBI was also asked about the recently issued new rule regarding the limitations of available U.S currency in the markets. When there was huge demand for it, rumors suggest that humongous amount of currency was smuggled into Iraq for neighboring countries. While a few days back, CBI issued another policy in order to stabilize the exchange rate of the Dinar, against currency trading firms, money transfer companies and currencies of foreign countries for banks.

Lately, in the northern region of Iraq, as per the movement of the currency market, the U.S dollars, in the amount of 12,7000 Iraqi Dinars sold by provincial government showed an increase up to five thousand Iraqi Dinars as compared to the prices of previous weeks.

In the meanwhile, the observers of the Iraqi exchange market presented another current news on Iraqi Dinar stating that huge quantities of smuggled Dollar went from Iraq to Iran and Syria, and it caused paucity of hard currency also.

Considering how several sources have been engaged in currency corruption, analysts are taking it as a symbol that the Dinars have positive prospects for revaluation in the near future. Since a devalued currency would not be the target of the money laundering and smuggling, this is again a good hint for those who have invested in the Iraqi Dinars!

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How To Purchase Iraqi Dinar Online

Once, the Iraqi Dinar had been the first and the most favorite choice of people from around the world. According to the prediction of financial experts, today the Iraqi Dinar is again moving towards a steady growth. Anyone interested in investing in the Dinar can quiet easily buy them online.

Now in today’s world of advancement and development in the online world, one can fulfill almost every wish with just one click. People can purchase Iraqi Dinar from various dealers working online.

However, for the purchase first one needs to understand the Iraqi dinar currency. A few years back in 2003, Central Bank Of Iraq issued new notes of Iraqi Dinar like 50, 250, 1000, 5000, 10,000 and surprisingly 25,000. Whereas, the notes of 1,000 and 25,000 can only be sold to the buyers of foreign currency, in the foreign currency exchange USA.

Choosing the right online dealer is probably the most important thing before purchasing Iraqi Dinar. A few safety measures must be taken; like, the dealer you choose should be registered, whoever the person is, he/she must have the certificates of (BBB) Better Business Bureau and the US Treasury Department or ministry of finance.

The dealer must not hesitate from displaying his/her registration. As, this is probably the only way for the client to get an idea about the dealer’s reputation. The company you want deal with must have a respectable past; you must make sure that they have never been accused or convicted with any sort of fraudulent cases before. Always remember that the company’s reputation matters most.

After you are satisfied with it, download the protocols and shipping policies of the dealers so that their authentication can be verified before purchasing Iraqi Dinar.

Mostly beginners prefer to invest in 10,000 Dinars and because of that, they hire professional online dealers. However, since there are extremely strict conditions for purchasing 10,000 Dinars, one must do some research regarding the advantages and disadvantages of buying smaller amounts.

There are dealers who deal with individual clients and in small investments only; while on the other hand, there are other specialized dealers, shipping and retailing for large currencies.

In case of the purchase, the Iraqi Dinar currency is sent to the buyer through shipment. The purchasing amount depends upon how much the buyer wants to purchase in one deal.

If you are lucky enough to have a reliable online dealer, you will be showered with great offers immediately; which, considering the expected revaluation of the Dinars will soon benefit you with amazing profits.

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Iraqi Dinar Investment – A Debate That Continues

Iraqi dinar is currently under denomination by the Iraqi government. And this act is surely a green signal for several people who have been waiting to make investments into the Iraqi dinar. Majority of investors want the Iraqi government to make arrangements to make investment a regular practice so that the investors can make a great amount of money. While for those who intend to convert Iraqi dinar to USD will have to wait for some more reconstructions.

Since the revaluation of Iraqi dinar is expected to take place anytime, the interested investors must purchase the desired amount of dinar now and can sell once the transition hits the market. There are six denominations available in latest Iraqi dinar, printed on the best quality of paper. In contrast to the old ones, the newer ones have more safety measures which makes the act of counterfeit much more difficult. Iraq has been quite successful in controlling inflation to some extent and have brought consistency on issues of foreign issues. Iraqi dinar is surely the most idealistic investment for people of all ages. The best thing about this investment is that you can sell the dinars any time without any limitations. It is undoubtedly the best option for a safe future.

There is a large number of the general public, who are observed hesitating from investing in foreign currencies due to doubts in security and reliability. Well, for them investment in Iraqi dinar is surely the safest option. With the hope of revaluation, many worldwide investors are investing in Iraqi dinar and that is the reason why revaluation of Iraqi dinar is the most debatable topic in the market of foreign currency. People are eager to know about the revaluation of Iraqi dinar so that they can gear-up when the time comes, the desperation keeps increasing.

Although, the current rate of US dollar is equal to 1163 Iraqi dinars, but it is a bit different in the currency market. According to the financial experts, the value of US dollars has massively increased in comparison to Iraqi dinar. A member of finance committee suggested that in order to bring the position of Iraqi dinar back opposite US dollars, the consideration of proposals is necessary, such as; the adaptation of procedures for E mark and tax rates, launching new banks in all the provinces in order to provide relief for the customers and transactions.

The business of investment in Iraqi dinar is a safe decision, since it provides secure opportunities of investment with profits. Iraq is now being focused on by the super powers of todays world due to its economy. Recently, the president of the United States, Barrack Obama emphasized on Iraqi dinar investment. This openly demonstrates that Americans are quite keen to invest. Now this is another strong reason to invest in Iraq’s projects.

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Iraqi Dinar’s current value

Iraqi Dinar is a gateway to enter Middle East and many other countries throughout the world. Iraqi Dinar has now become a spam where speculators want to hold a couple of more dinars to hedge against the losses they make in holding other currencies. Iraqi Dinar Current Value is the true representation of the fact that Dinar is constantly on the rise. The value on Dinar is rising persistently and is a positive indicator to all the speculators and investment institutions to divert their funds in to Dinar currency for less riskier investment. Over the time, Iraqi Dinar has become one of the most invested currencies. Presently, Iraqi Dinar is around1170 Iraqi Dinars as per US$, previously the value of Iraqi Dinar used to be Iraqi Dinar 4000 as per US$.

The history of Iraqi Dinar proves of how Iraqi Dinar became such significant over a period. When Iraqi Dinar was issued the value of Iraqi Dinar used to be 3.33UD$. This value was also at par with British pound. Iraqi Dinar from the day it was issued remained constant for more than forty consecutive years. For a currency to remain stable for so long is a pride for the country as it attracts the investors.

There were a couple of reasons that led to the downfall of the Iraqi Dinars owing to Gulf War, unhealthy relationships with the neighboring countries and UNO sanctions led to the fall in the value of Iraqi Dinar. To add fuel to the fire, US invasion of Iraq filled in the gaps, which remained to devalue the Iraqi Currency, but later Iraqi Dinar evolved back to its original value. However, Value of Iraqi Dinar Today is rising due to the growth in the production of oil from last 7 to 8 years. This is great news for the investors who speculate on Iraqi Dinar, as the value of Dinar today is stable and less risky. Value of Iraqi Dinar Today hail in all the interested investors to invest in Iraqi Dinars for a less risky investment.

Iraqi Dinar is still in circulation like other strong currencies of the world, it is still traded through the online dealers if Iraqi Dinars. Iraq is the second largest producer of oil in the world. The strength of its currency depends on the fact that all countries today are dependent on Iraq for their supplies of oil. After that, no question remains as to why we should not expect the Iraqi Dinar to ace up. Dinar is a healthy investment, not a swindle where you are uncertain about your decision to invest in it. It is time you should!

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Dinar in the money market

If we discuss Iraqi Dinar, we cannot negate the times when Iraq went in war with the US invasion. Before the war Iraq used to print notes in Swiss technology, after that they began to print Dinars using a cheaper technology. This was a reason why Iraq began to face high rates of inflation that led to Iraqi Dinars falling to 3000 Iraqi Dinars to one US Dollar.

However, before the war Iraqi dollar was equal to 3.3 US Dollars. Dinar Exchange Rates returned to normal after war, striking back to the previous level. Now the Iraqi Government is looking to revalue the Iraqi Dinar against US Dollar. Therefore, after the war Iraqi Dinars had to fight back to revive its value. It initially had to tone down the effects of high inflation it faced due to the loss of Swiss technology, aftermath of war and different sanctions on Money exchange.

Dinar Exchange Rates today are coming back to their previous values as Iraq is on its way to Development. According to the US geologists, Iraq is the second biggest oil producer of the world and soon it will top the list by becoming the first strongest oil producer of the world. All the nations today depend on oil for their prosperity and development and this is one reason why Dinar Iraq Exchange Rate is a currency everybody wants to hold.

With the dynamic utilization of the reserves of Oil, Iraq is expected to take back its currency to the levels it was before the war. Dinar exchange rate is the one that faces least fluctuations. Iraq Currency is getting very popular whereby many speculators are looking for possibilities to earn profits by holding Dinars.

Currently the value of Dinar is depreciating where many speculators feel it the perfect time to buy Iraqi Dinars, as in near future Dinar Exchange Rates will raise. Economic growth of Iraq is rising. It is fathomed that growth will rise by 47% by 2014, in a few years time Iraqi Dinar will be high in value whereby holders of Iraqi Dinars will be able to earn more handsome profits in exchange for a few Dinars only.

CBI (central Bank of Iraq) is working on ways to revert the currency to its previous position and it is projected by many economists that soon Iraq will take back the exchange rate to where it used to be two decades back.

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Buy Iraqi Dinars

Many people want to know of why they should invest on Iraqi Dinars. The reason is quite obvious and self-explanatory. Iraq is one of the most powerful oil producing Country. All the nations today are dependent on oil for all their economical needs. As all worlds’ economies are dependent on oil there is no reason why Iraqi Dinar would not be the most sought after Currencies of the world. All the countries who want oil import it from Iraq by Buying Iraqi Money, which in turn leads to the constant revaluation of the Iraqi Dinars in the world’s currency Market.

Although Iraqi Dinar showed a steep downfall in its value after the invasion of US invasion but the currency gradually returned to normal and made many speculators rich and prosperous. Therefore, anyone can spend a few Dollars for Buying Iraqi Dinars.

To flash back on the recent history of Iraqi Dinars, the currency was re-issued in 2006 after the fall of Sadam Husain’s government. Old Iraqi Dinars were rolled back and new notes were issued. Today speculators are Buying the Iraqi Dinars in order to hedge against losses and to earn good profits. Since 2006, the Iraqi Dinar has gained importance and has shown a rising trend in its value. According to the stats the value of Iraqi Dinar has swept up to more than 20%.Therefore, buying the Iraqi Dinars has become hype.

Now the conditions in Iraq are coming back to normal, there is peace and harmony in the rich land of oil. US is retreating its troops from Iraq, which is a good sign for the Iraqi Currency to work back on its prosperity again. With the commencement of development in Iraq, many oil companies are looking for contracts so that they may set up more rigging plants to explore Oil reserves. More the oil means Iraq Currency is set to rise and rise against no falls.

Buy Iraqi Dinars because it is a promising investment. US geological survey has predicted that in near future Iraq will be the largest oil producer of the world. Soon Iraq will emerge as the market maker of black gold “oil”. Iraq is a stable Economy with no debt burdens and other issues to make its currency lag behind. The currency is sure to offer you opportunities to earn more profits as it is probably the least risky investment.

To get the authentic currency bills refer to a genuine dealer who can buy and later sell your Iraqi Dinars to make your investments more reliable. Iraqi Currency is now a huge thing labeled as a massive, strong and a storm breaking currency therefore to get your hands on a few Dinars is not at all a bad decision.

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